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Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to help close the budget deficit. >> dance craze spreading across the globe sweeps up a top executive. >> there is a struggling maker of black berry may be on the verge of a turn around. >> well, facebook is hoping a new gift giving service will unwrap a source of revenue. this allows users to buy and accepted real presents on both desk top and mobile. it's based on karma which facebook bought in mai. it could be a game changer. sources tell us dish network is in talks with mtv parent viea come, food network parent script about offering channels online f agreeing dish could charge a lower price fr a shawler bundle of channels and this is what customers may be able to select. research in motion shows positive signs and there are sales falling in the quarter. the company did post a loss of $253 mimin. and there is some solid growth in africa and asia just two days after giving a sneak preview of the operating system, expected to be available next year. all of this is helping rim to rise in after hours trading. and the ftc settled spying charge was seven rent to own companies and a softw
Oct 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
council has already done belt tightening to close the deficit, laying off 42 employees or 10% of the work force. there are contracts for workers expire at year's end. the mayor says all options are being studied. there is a campaign that has surfaced. and there is a proposal may be a moot issue. the only agency interested in bidding was the sheriff's department now saying they're not going to bid. >> there is. the east contra costa fire district received a grant of nearly $8 million meaning it can start filling 15 positions it was forced to eliminate in july. this will allow the district to reopen three fire stations. >> neighbors in oakland are crediting a good samaritan for warning them about a fire that broke out in east 15th street. a man in the building saw flames on a staircase. he then went door to door and alerted neighbors. no residents were hurt but a firefighter sprained his back. that fire drove people from their homes. >> berkeley firefighters are mopping up after a house fire that was started by a bird. this happened this morning on delaware street and police say the grass f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2